Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Coughing up Another 4th Quarter lead

I'm Hugh Jass, a life-long Milwaukee Bucks fan. Here is where I air out my thoughts on my beloved Bucks. This is turning out to be a painful year over at the Bradley Center in downtown Milwaukee. Do any of you Bucks fans realize how many fourth quarter leads Milwaukee has squandered during the 2006/07 season? Far too many. Granted, there's 31 games left and the East is horribly inconsistent. Anything can happen. Injuries have also been exceptionally painful this year. Pulling Redd's 27+ points off the scoreboard is certainly going to have an impact. But there is something else at work (or more accurately, not working) here.

The NBA game is one of momentum and runs. Sometimes your team just gets beat. But from where I sit at the Bradley Center (usually never the same seat twice) the problem lies more with the driver than the bus. The double-overtime loss to the Hornets last Thursday night in Oklahoma City (after blowing a 4th quarter double-digit lead) has to be labeled a low water mark for the season. Last night's late meltdown against Dallas on the home court serves to chuck yet another shovelful of dirt onto the coffin. And who do you suppose is in that coffin? Well, I'm here to tell ya Bucks fans.... it's Terry Stotts!

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