Thursday, March 15, 2007

The 3rd Bucks coach in a row who's name rhymes with Scary.

I'm Hugh Jass, and I'm happy to say that the Milwaukee Bucks two-year Terry Stotts (63-83) experiment has finally come to an end, right on the heels of their two-year Terry Porter (71-93) experiment. And now the Bucks emerge from the laboratory to usher in the Larry Krystkowiak era, which figures to last at least 18 games.

There is no question that Stotts knows the game of basketball, but he never seemed like head coaching material. Prior to the Bucks job he was 52-85 in a little under two years as Atlanta's head coach. His career as the Bucks head coach went on for 146 games, during which time he compiled a winning percentage of .432. Winning slightly more than four out of ten games just doesn't get the job done. I know a guy who works as a bartender. I spend a lot of time with him. If he poured four out of ten guys beer after they ordered rum & cokes he certainly wouldn't last two years. It was the right time for the Bucks to show Mr. Stotts the door. In fact, in this Bucks fan's humble opinion, it was a little overdue.

And as the screen door of history gently taps Stotts on the rear end, Larry Krystkowiak finds himself as the Milwaukee Bucks 10th head coach. Krystkowiak is familiar with Milwaukee - he was a lunch bucket player for the Bucks from 1987-92. He has a limited resume as a head coach, albeit a successful one. In two years as the top guy for University of Montana, he led the Grizzlies to a 42-20 record and won back-to-back Big Sky Conference Tournaments. He also had a one-year stint as head coach of the Idaho Stampede of the Canadian league where he guided his team to a franchise-best 37-16 record.

The Bucks wasted no time in inking Krystkowiak to an extended deal, although they aren't on the hook for all that much. He interviewed for the head coaching job at the University of Utah earlier this week, which seems to have expedited the whole deal. It's reported that the Utes' were very interested in his services as coach. That's some big time leverage to have to swing around.

And so the Krystkowiak era begins.

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