Friday, March 16, 2007

The Boot and The Loot

What a difference 24 hours can make! On Wednesday The Milwaukee Bucks' Brass took its proverial Boot and finally kicked Terry Stotts from his head coaching perch. Later that day with a most surprisingly quick announcemnet, the Bucks crowned Larry KRYSTKOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWIAAAAAAAAAAAAAKK its new head coach. And the following evening, last night, Scary Larry gets "his" squad to play 48 minutes of inspired basketball and leads them to an 11 point victory over a very good San Antonio Spurs team.

I was so happy to see Stots finally get what he deserves...........An unemployment check. Now he can go be the nice guy he is somewhere else. Probably a neighborhood near you. Sounds neat!!

While it's true that Krystkowiak has zero NBA head coaching experience, let alone scant experience on an NBA staff, he is familiar with this team, the city of Milwaukee and is in good graces with the Bucks' players. He has worked hard all year with a disgruntled Andrew Bogut, who couldn't stand playing for Stotts, on his low post game and it is starting to pay strong dividends. While it's true that Michael Redd is the franchise's superstar, Bogut's development and success as a premier center in the eastern conference is tantamount to the Bucks future.

Sure, it would be great if the Bucks could ink a big time, proven NBA coach. The thing is, though, who and where is that candidate? As my buddy Hugh Jass so eloquently stated last night, "there are nothing but NBA retreads out there." The Bucks are on the Krystkowiak hook for $4 million. If you consider what Herb Kohl paid George "Hot" Karl for his early dismissal, buying Scary Larry out of his contract would be mere chicken feed.

Bucks fans have not had much to celebrate this year. Yes, this is true. Surely, one victory cannot make up for their lackluster season, but try to give Scary Larry the chance to bring some respectability back to our beloved Milwaukee Bucks.

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Wisconsin Badger Fan said...

Scary Larry needs to get the Milwaukee Bucks rocking!!!