Thursday, March 29, 2007

'A' For Effort!

Wow! I'm Hugh Jass, and I've got a couple Milwaukee Bucks Tickets to go see the game against the lowly Celtics next Wednesday night. Now I'm a Bucks fan - a big one. Not a large one, a big one! Not a tall one either. Just big. But I have to admit, I was considering just skipping this game next week. But after last night's game in Dallas, there's no way I'm going to miss any more Bucks games. Not if they're gonna show up like they did in Dallas.

The Bucks handed the Mavericks their 60th win of the year, but it took the Mavs 47 minutes and 55 seconds to dispose of a depleted Bucks squad. And they almost didn't get the job done. Dallas is arguably the best team in the NBA, with only four home losses this year, but the Bucks showed up with their 'A' game, putting together one of the most top-to-bottom efforts of this uneventful season.

Here's what Krystkowiak had to say after the game: "A lot of credit goes to those guys in the locker room. There's been a lot of talk about us laying down and playing for ping pong balls and that kind of stuff. That's not what this is about right now. It's about playing the game the right way and the guys did that."

Not playing for ping pong balls at this point in the season, with little else but pride and love for the game to play for is impressive. The NBA's bottom third are all facing that as the season winds down, including the lowly Celtics who roll into town next Wednesday. Speaking of playing for ping pong balls at the sunset of a lame-duck season, Doc Rivers and Krystkowiak seem to be representing different schools.

Sorry, my Milwaukee Bucks tickets for next Wednesday are no longer for sale.

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Wisconsin Badger Fan said...

Let's meet at Major Goolsby's before the game. They have awesome hot wings.