Tuesday, April 17, 2007

80 Down... One to Go

After eighty games, the 2006/07 version of the Milwaukee Bucks have no shot of making it to the illustrious 30-win mark. It's been well documented here and elsewhere how hard this season has been on the organization and fans alike. The final game on Wednesday in Cleveland will mercifully bring the season to a close. Then we will do what, as loyal Bucks fans, we've become experts at. Not quite the experts that Chicago Cubs fans have become. Similar to what the Timberwolves fans (of which I am one) will also be doing after Wednesday's final game. We'll optimistically set our gaze towards next season.

Every answer the Bucks have will beg more questions over the next six months. As I sit in downtown Milwaukee and write this, the NBA Draft is 72 days away. The Bucks are in line for another top-five draft pick. There are some interesting players slated to come out. Some are NBA ready. Some are projects. There are free agents that will be kept and a few that will be let go. (Don't worry Gadzuric, they've got Dairy Queens everywhere) There are potential major and minor changes to the Bradley Center looming on the horizon. Questions also continue to bubble beneath the surface about the Senators tenure as owner coming to an end.

There's a dice shot that Krystkowiak and the new uniforms will be around next season. Beyond that...

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