Thursday, April 26, 2007

Like Son Like Father

As the Bucks 2006/07 season on the court ends, the "off the court" season begins. Of course I'm referring to the NBA Off-Season. The season of rumor and speculation for the teams that are done playing by mid-April; who will get fired or hired, picked up or dropped, drafted or passed on, arrested or, well, just arrested I guess. For a team that has just wrapped up a season as painful as the one we've just lived through with the Bucks, this time of year can be a helluva lot of fun.

This week we saw Herb Kohl and Larry Harris exchanging their undying support for one another. That isn't really a surprise. It hardly even qualifies as interesting. Larry also talked about how the core of the team is in place and, when they're all healthy he'll just need to add some complimentary role players. He also wants to fill up the dance cards of a few key players that are getting dressed for the free agency ball. These comments are all par for the course.

The first rumor of the off-season that makes the average red-blooded Bucks fans head tilt has to do with the potential hiring of Del Harris. Yes, that Del Harris. The same Del Harris who's a former Milwaukee Bucks assistant and head coach, including a stint as head coach during Larry Krystkowiak's playing days. The same Del Harris who's son is the current Bucks general manager. The same Del Harris who's been an assistant under former Bucks coach Don Nelson for the last seven years. If this actually happens, we might have a hit sit-com on our hands.


Wisconsin Badger Fan said...

When will the Bucks get a impact player?

J Kid said...

Can the Bucks be a playoff team next year? This team hasn't done squat in years and my fear is that it could be years b4 they do.