Monday, May 21, 2007

Can you hear the ping-pong balls?

There's only one day left until the fateful day that seems to be circled on every Bucks fan's calendar year after year. The day that offers hope of becoming winners to the losers. I'm talking about the NBA Lottery, where the order of the NBA draft in June is determined by the famous ping-pong balls. The Bucks have a 15% chance of landing one of the first three picks, a 26% chance at the fourth and fifth picks and a 41% chance at number six.

Tune in tomorrow night to see if the Bucks can catch lightning in a bottle one more time.


teacher said...

I want them to take the Asian dude.

J Bone said...

I DON'T want them to take the asian dude!

teacher said...

j bone...just think asian night at the Bradly center...mmm Archy kabobs