Monday, June 18, 2007

Bucks Bring in High First-Round Picks

The Bucks are spending the week working out potential draft picks at the Cousins Center. Last Friday they brought in Carolina forward Brandan Wright. Monday was Mike Conley in for a very impressive showing. He certainly is at the top of the Bucks list if he falls to number six. Should they get Conley, his first official job as a Milwaukee Buck may be driving Mo Williams to the airport.

Tuesday saw Florida's one-two punch of Al Horford and Corey Brewer. Brewers is a defensive specialist with a sweet looking outside shot. He didn't have the greatest workout, but he has a natural ability to bother shooters at the NBA level today. Popular opinion, including that of Larry Harris, has Horford in another uniform by the time the Bucks pick. He's an impressive big man with an NBA body. Another thing about these two guys; when they walk into a room together they bring four NCAA Championships with them.

Milwaukee has planned to bring in Chinese phenom Yi Jianlian for a look, but he hasn't agreed to work out for the Bucks yet. Yi has stated his strong desire to land in a town with a significant Asian community. 3.6% isn't significant, so you probably won't see him here.

Either way, the Bucks have a great pick in a deep draft. Sure, Brewers tickets are getting hard to come by and the Packers are right around the corner, but I'm already thinking about Bucks tickets.

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Wisconsin Badger Fan said...

When are the Bucks getting Kobe?