Sunday, July 8, 2007

The Yi Saga Continues...

Larry Krystkowiak finally got a first-hand look at the Bucks controversial draft pick, Yi Jianlian, at the NBA Summer League games. It's been an interesting week since the Bucks selected the Chinese superstar with the 6th pick. Regardless of all the posturing that's been going on, Larry says he's impressed and looking forward to coaching Yi. General manager Larry Harris has firmly stated that he has no intention of trading him, even though Yi's agent says his guy has no desire to play in Milwaukee.

Journal Sentinel beat writer Michael Hunt made some great points in his article on June 28th about the Bucks pick. It's hard to know, even at this point, if Yi's people really don't want him to play in Milwaukee because of a tiny Asian population or if it's just a big international bluff. Either way, he's going to have to prove it on the floor in the NBA. And, whether he likes it or not, Yi's road to the NBA goes through Milwaukee.

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