Thursday, October 25, 2007

So Long, Preseason

The pretend portion of the the Bucks 2006/07 season is coming to an end. We've got two more of these preseason classics to sit through before the real ones start next Wednesday. It makes me sad to see it come to an end, as I'm sure it does you too. To celebrate the passing of the preseason, here an observation for the upcoming season:

The Bucks will finally play some "D".

The U.S. team, of which Michael Redd is a part of, compiled a 10-0 record over the summer and qualified for he Beijing Olympics. And they did it by shutting the oposition down. Here's what Redd recently had to say about the experience: "You had some of the best players in the world there. You didn't have to motivate them at all. We had an understanding that to win the right way we had to get stops."

Larry Krystkowiak certainly has a hand in motivating his team to defend better, but most of it has to come from the players themselves. That will happen this year. The Bucks are ready to step up.

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Wisconsin Badger Fan said...

Can the Bucks please do something this year.