Saturday, December 29, 2007

Happy New Year Larry

It's been a rough December for Larry Krystkowiak. If there's one guy in Milwaukee that's looking forward to leaving 2007, it's Coach K. Let's take a look at how the holiday season has gone for the Bucks:

First, the record. December has seen the Buck post a win/loss tally of 4-10 with two games left. That's not exactly where you want to be. If the Bucks don't win on New Years Eve in Detroit, they will have completed the month with only a single road victory.

Desmond Mason will undergo surgery for a torn thumb ligament that will sideline him for six to eight weeks. For all their problems this year, the Bucks have been pretty injury free up until that point.

Then last night, Krystkowiak once again found his team on the wrong end of a bad call at a critical point in the game. Whether NBA officials are dirty, incompetent, or they just hate the Bucks, bad calls against Larry and the Bucks seem to occur regularly lately.

Get out the hats and hooters Larry, the year is almost over.


Anonymous said...

I wanted to let you know that i bought a bucks ticket just for the bobble head. The games are not that enjoyable. I mean you have all these overpaid stars jogging around. What is keeping the NBA from going down the drain??? i tell you what.. it's shoes. If NBA did not have a great marketing, i bet no one would care about the NBA which stands for "nagging bitching allday"

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