Friday, December 7, 2007

Somebody has a softer ticket than us!

It's true that getting cheap Bucks tickets hasn't been too tricky this year. So far, my friend Napoleon Ming and I have been able to score last-minute tickets for several games at about fifty cents on the dollar. With the way the Packers season has unfolded, it's understandable that they've grabbed the lion's share of media attention and surplus entertainment dollars (they even pull that off in years which they suck).

So I started thinking; is this a situation that is unique to Milwaukee? Is the NBA taking a backseat to other sports nationwide? Does each town simply have their dominant sport ingrained in their DNA?

It's hard to tell for sure. Both are probably true to an extent. Even though Lambeau Field is 115 miles from the Bradley Center, if you cut Milwaukee open the blood will run green and gold, at least this year. Right now Packers tickets are four times face value, Bucks tickets are half. I go to Bucks games, so it works fine for me.

I looked around the NBA to see if any other town was experiencing a similar drought in interest for the home team, and I found someone who was worse off than us. I didn't even have to look all that hard. Wouldn't you believe my surprise when I discovered... it's the Timberwolves!

I found this Target Center blog where some shrewd Wolves fan writes about getting $260 Timberwolves tickets for $50 a head. And that was for the Lakers game!

I wonder if those guys miss Kevin Garnett.


teacher said...

I have noticed that Bucks tickets are cheap as all can be. I think to my self, if I run out of toilet paper do i buy myself some cheap Bucks tickets and use that. I know I can save money. Than i think to my self how much chafing can happen.

Anonymous said...

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