Thursday, March 29, 2007

'A' For Effort!

Wow! I'm Hugh Jass, and I've got a couple Milwaukee Bucks Tickets to go see the game against the lowly Celtics next Wednesday night. Now I'm a Bucks fan - a big one. Not a large one, a big one! Not a tall one either. Just big. But I have to admit, I was considering just skipping this game next week. But after last night's game in Dallas, there's no way I'm going to miss any more Bucks games. Not if they're gonna show up like they did in Dallas.

The Bucks handed the Mavericks their 60th win of the year, but it took the Mavs 47 minutes and 55 seconds to dispose of a depleted Bucks squad. And they almost didn't get the job done. Dallas is arguably the best team in the NBA, with only four home losses this year, but the Bucks showed up with their 'A' game, putting together one of the most top-to-bottom efforts of this uneventful season.

Here's what Krystkowiak had to say after the game: "A lot of credit goes to those guys in the locker room. There's been a lot of talk about us laying down and playing for ping pong balls and that kind of stuff. That's not what this is about right now. It's about playing the game the right way and the guys did that."

Not playing for ping pong balls at this point in the season, with little else but pride and love for the game to play for is impressive. The NBA's bottom third are all facing that as the season winds down, including the lowly Celtics who roll into town next Wednesday. Speaking of playing for ping pong balls at the sunset of a lame-duck season, Doc Rivers and Krystkowiak seem to be representing different schools.

Sorry, my Milwaukee Bucks tickets for next Wednesday are no longer for sale.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Only 14 Games Left!

I'm Hugh Jass, and yesterday, while it was seventy degrees outside, I sat inside the Bradley Center and watched the Bucks come up short by 26 points to the Pistons. Muhammad Ali once said, "No one knows what to say in the loser's locker room."

Friday, March 16, 2007

The Boot and The Loot

What a difference 24 hours can make! On Wednesday The Milwaukee Bucks' Brass took its proverial Boot and finally kicked Terry Stotts from his head coaching perch. Later that day with a most surprisingly quick announcemnet, the Bucks crowned Larry KRYSTKOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWIAAAAAAAAAAAAAKK its new head coach. And the following evening, last night, Scary Larry gets "his" squad to play 48 minutes of inspired basketball and leads them to an 11 point victory over a very good San Antonio Spurs team.

I was so happy to see Stots finally get what he deserves...........An unemployment check. Now he can go be the nice guy he is somewhere else. Probably a neighborhood near you. Sounds neat!!

While it's true that Krystkowiak has zero NBA head coaching experience, let alone scant experience on an NBA staff, he is familiar with this team, the city of Milwaukee and is in good graces with the Bucks' players. He has worked hard all year with a disgruntled Andrew Bogut, who couldn't stand playing for Stotts, on his low post game and it is starting to pay strong dividends. While it's true that Michael Redd is the franchise's superstar, Bogut's development and success as a premier center in the eastern conference is tantamount to the Bucks future.

Sure, it would be great if the Bucks could ink a big time, proven NBA coach. The thing is, though, who and where is that candidate? As my buddy Hugh Jass so eloquently stated last night, "there are nothing but NBA retreads out there." The Bucks are on the Krystkowiak hook for $4 million. If you consider what Herb Kohl paid George "Hot" Karl for his early dismissal, buying Scary Larry out of his contract would be mere chicken feed.

Bucks fans have not had much to celebrate this year. Yes, this is true. Surely, one victory cannot make up for their lackluster season, but try to give Scary Larry the chance to bring some respectability back to our beloved Milwaukee Bucks.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

The 3rd Bucks coach in a row who's name rhymes with Scary.

I'm Hugh Jass, and I'm happy to say that the Milwaukee Bucks two-year Terry Stotts (63-83) experiment has finally come to an end, right on the heels of their two-year Terry Porter (71-93) experiment. And now the Bucks emerge from the laboratory to usher in the Larry Krystkowiak era, which figures to last at least 18 games.

There is no question that Stotts knows the game of basketball, but he never seemed like head coaching material. Prior to the Bucks job he was 52-85 in a little under two years as Atlanta's head coach. His career as the Bucks head coach went on for 146 games, during which time he compiled a winning percentage of .432. Winning slightly more than four out of ten games just doesn't get the job done. I know a guy who works as a bartender. I spend a lot of time with him. If he poured four out of ten guys beer after they ordered rum & cokes he certainly wouldn't last two years. It was the right time for the Bucks to show Mr. Stotts the door. In fact, in this Bucks fan's humble opinion, it was a little overdue.

And as the screen door of history gently taps Stotts on the rear end, Larry Krystkowiak finds himself as the Milwaukee Bucks 10th head coach. Krystkowiak is familiar with Milwaukee - he was a lunch bucket player for the Bucks from 1987-92. He has a limited resume as a head coach, albeit a successful one. In two years as the top guy for University of Montana, he led the Grizzlies to a 42-20 record and won back-to-back Big Sky Conference Tournaments. He also had a one-year stint as head coach of the Idaho Stampede of the Canadian league where he guided his team to a franchise-best 37-16 record.

The Bucks wasted no time in inking Krystkowiak to an extended deal, although they aren't on the hook for all that much. He interviewed for the head coaching job at the University of Utah earlier this week, which seems to have expedited the whole deal. It's reported that the Utes' were very interested in his services as coach. That's some big time leverage to have to swing around.

And so the Krystkowiak era begins.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A Tale of Two Cities

Let me start out by saying I couldn't agree more with Jimmy the Bucks Fan. Make sure you check out his Brewers Blog for a unique and surly perspective on things.

I went to see the Bucks game the other night and my thoughts began to drift as a symptom of questionable coaching and uninspired play. My mind wandered back to a fantasy I had at the beginning of the season - my two favorite squads in the NBA Finals, the Bucks and the Timberwolves . It's true this falls somewhere in the realm of world peace on a probability scale, but it still would have been a good time. Unfortunately these two teams are in similar boats approaching the end of the season. Although neither boat is pointed toward the Finals, the Wolves at least still have an outside shot of making the playoffs.

There has always been a great Wisconsin/Minnesota rivalry. The Bucks are most certainly going to be watching the ping pong balls in June. Stay tuned to see if the Wolves will be joining them.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Stats and Stotts Has Got To Go

It's time to can Stotts. I can't remember the last time I've seen a coach lose so many games in the fourth quarter. How many leads can a coach squander? It's all about adjusting to the other teams' adjustments. I've got no problem with Stotts on the end of the bench working with younger players and drawing up x's and o's. I do have a problem with him being the head coach. It's nothing personal. Terry seems like a nice enough guy. It just doesn't seem like he has the "ear" and real respect of the team.

I think it's time for Herb to call the man with all the nice suits... Chuck Daley!!

Jimmy The Bucks Fan

P.S. For reliable and consistant Milwaukee Brewers News check out

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

I'm Still Going to Games

I'm Hugh Jass, a Bucks fan. My team isn't giving me much to dance in the streets about these days. But I will say this; lousy coaching, inconsistent play and a horrific record sure do make it easy to find nice seats to the games. (Speaking of record, today's paper said that before the Orlando debacle the team had a goal of going 17-5 for the rest of the year - after the loss in Florida that goal was adjusted to 17-4.) Granted, this team seems unlikely to make much noise heading toward the end of the year, but these games are still a good time.

I've been able to find nice deals on Bucks tickets for a couple of the last few home games from the guys at Ticket King. They are easy to work with and they have a pick-up booth at Major Goolsby's. Plus, the Bucks have forced them into a position of being extremely reasonable with their pricing.