Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Bucks Win on the Road! Seriously!

Things are bad Bucks fans. It isn't shaping up to be the year I had hoped. But one needs to look a little harder for the silver lining. Your team really needs you these days. Sure it's tough, but remember what Wilt Chamberlain once said, "Nobody ever roots for Goliath." Folks, this isn’t Goliath.

Last night the Bucks put their 6th road victory in the win column. I guess the good news or, the silver lining, is that they got to that elusive number six before Valentines Day. But the reality of the situation is that the 2007/08 version of the Bucks are horrible on the road.

Here's another bright spot; Mo Williams played like a man possessed at the end on the game. He scored the last 10 points to secure a come-from-behind victory in Memphis. Sure, it's true Memphis isn't that strong of a team, but a win's a win. Hey, I'll take it.


Anonymous said...

The bucks suck. I think the University of Wisconsin basketball team could beat them. What is wrong with this team?? What should we do to fix this???? I know what we can do. First step is to hire me. That's right hire me and i could turn this team around in a heart beat. My first move would be to get rid of all the players on the Bucks right now. Than i would hire all asians and play them. You know how asians are...quick and fast.

Wisconsin Badger Fan said...

Just play someone who will at least pretend to care how they play.