Monday, March 10, 2008

Bucks Outplayed on Sunday

If you were at the Bucks game on Sunday afternoon, you were witness to one of the worst losses of the season. The Bucks were completely shown up by a younger and less talented 76ers team from start to finish. For this effort they were treated to one of the more boisterous chorus' of boos I've heard at the Bradley Center in a long time.

This marks the second straight home loss in what was suppose to be a favorable spot in the schedule. Based on how these guys are playing right now, I don't think there is anyone in town, both within the Bucks organization or on the street that even wants these guys in the playoffs. What we all need is to mercifully get to the end of the season and start writing out pink slips.

Or better yet, what we all really need is loose all this snow and start talking about baseball. Milwaukee Brewers tickets are now what's hot in Milwaukee. For a nice blog site, check out my good friend J-Bone and his dead-on opinion and silky smooth writing style. And, he knows the Doorman.

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