Thursday, May 22, 2008

Pieces Of Eight

So there you have it Bucks fans. Once again, the Milwaukee Bucks take a back seat to the Bulls. With less than a 2% shot, the Bulls jumped eight spots to take control of the burdensome numero uno in this years lottery. In doing so, they knocked four through eight (Memphis, New York, the Clippers, our beloved Bucks, and Charlotte) down by one spot.

It's the third time since the NBA lottery started in '85 that the Bucks have walked away with the eight ball. Their picks at that spot have been Todd Day, Vin Baker (who could forget old Vin 'n' Juice) and T.J. Ford. Of those three only Todd Day could be truly labeled a bust. In his defence, those were some lean years in the middle nineties.

Hammond and his staff have a little over a month to contemplate the direction thay want to take with their top ten pick. This years draft appears to have some nice talent. Bucks fans can also expect a modest ammount of wheelin' and dealin' to take place. (One can only hope.)

So everybody relax, get a couple Brewers tickets and take in a ball game, sit back with a cold one and toast the beginning of the John Hammond/Scott Skiles era. The only way to go is up.

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J Bone said...

I guarantee the player the Bucks take will either need a shower and/or eat 6 pounds of cabbage per week.