Friday, March 21, 2008

So Long, Larry.

It's believed that Herb Kohl was approached recently by Larry Harris asking the senator for a determination on his future with the Bucks. Kohl promptly fired him.

Maybe it wasn't quite that abrupt, but nobody would blame Kohl if it had been. Harris was in the final year of a contract that expires on June 30 of this year. His tenure as the Bucks general manager lasted a little under five years.

At best, Harris was the victim of a handful of big contract signings that frankly didn't work out. That kind of thing can happen to any team. It happened to George Karl (remember Anthony Mason?) At worst, he was simply in over his head, destined to take an annual early summer vacation to the NBA lottery.

Seeing Larry Harris go is somewhat bittersweet. He was with the organization for a long time. His ol' man with the organization for a long time. But the fact remains, the team needs to do a little house cleaning. So Long, Larry. You won't be the last to go.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Bucks to Honor Brian Winters Tomorrow Night

On Tuesday evening, before the Bucks face the Miami Heat in what will likely be the NBA's version of scooping slop out of the chum bucket, the organization will honor Brian Winters.

Originally hailing from Long Island, Winters came to the Bucks as part of the trade that sent Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to the Lakers in 1975. Los Angeles grabbed Winters with the 12th pick in the 1974 NBA draft. He had a productive nine year career that included two All Star appearances and played on six different playoff teams. Winters averaged 16.2 points and 4.1 assists over his career. His best years were as a Buck in the mid to late 70's where he averaged over 19 points and a little under five assists per game. His number 32 hangs in the rafters at the Bradley Center.

Since retiring from the NBA, Winters has held down a number coaching gigs, including assistant jobs under Pete Carril at Princeton and Lenny Wilkins at Cleveland and Atlanta. He was the inaugural coach for the Vancouver Grizzlies for a year and a half and more recently, he was the head coach for the WNBA's Indiana Fever. How many former Bucks can say they've steered a WNBA team to the playoffs?

So there you have it Bucks fans. There's a reason to leave the house on a Tuesday night. Go downtown, stop at Goolsby's for a few pops and some hot wings, get yourself a couple cheap Bucks tickets, watch Johnny Mac carry Brian Winters around on his shoulders at half time, then quickly head into the Courtside Club so you don't have to watch two of the NBA's loneliest teams blame their uninspired play on crooked referees while they slowly limp in overpaid fashion to the end of another pointless season.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Bucks Outplayed on Sunday

If you were at the Bucks game on Sunday afternoon, you were witness to one of the worst losses of the season. The Bucks were completely shown up by a younger and less talented 76ers team from start to finish. For this effort they were treated to one of the more boisterous chorus' of boos I've heard at the Bradley Center in a long time.

This marks the second straight home loss in what was suppose to be a favorable spot in the schedule. Based on how these guys are playing right now, I don't think there is anyone in town, both within the Bucks organization or on the street that even wants these guys in the playoffs. What we all need is to mercifully get to the end of the season and start writing out pink slips.

Or better yet, what we all really need is loose all this snow and start talking about baseball. Milwaukee Brewers tickets are now what's hot in Milwaukee. For a nice blog site, check out my good friend J-Bone and his dead-on opinion and silky smooth writing style. And, he knows the Doorman.