Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Scott Skiles

The Bucks have selected Scott Skiles as their 10th head coach. At the very least, the Bucks new coach has an interesting back story. Is an interesting back story enough to move Milwaukee Bucks tickets next season? That remains to be seen.

Skiles has held two head coaching jobs in the NBA; parts of three seasons with Phoenix and parts of five seasons with the Bulls. Both positions ended with Skiles being shown the door. He's got a head coaching record of .528 and his teams have made the playoffs five times.

Skiles has the reputation of being a no nonsense guy. Some would call him a hard-ass. Others may simply call him an ass. He's had a history of rifts with players over the years. Once he was asked by a reporter what Eddy Curry could do to improve his rebounding - Skiles responded by saying, "jump." He's was involved in a well publicized feud with former Bulls All-Star Ben Wallace over Wallace's wearing of a headband and pre-game music in the locker room. Some believe that eventually led to both men leaving Chicago.

Skiles certainly hasn't yet built the resume of a Don Nelson or a George Karl, but he still has over 100 more games as an NBA head coach then the Bucks' LAST THREE HEAD COACHES COMBINED. At least the new guy isn't still wet behind the ears.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Two more games to go

Only two games left, and I get the feeling that the Bucks aren't going to play .500 ball this year.