Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Six(ty) Million Dollar Man

When Andrew Bogut's new contract extension is about to expire, Prince Fielder will be blowing out the candles on his 30th birthday cake. Actually, for that to technically happen, the Bucks are going to need to make the playoffs in 2014.

John Hammond signed Bogut to a five-year extension worth $60 million in guaranteed money plus another $12 million built into incentives. The deal doesn't reflect the $6.9 million he'll make in 2008-09, the last year of his rookie deal.

It's been widely believed here in Milwaukee that Bogut has sought a long term deal with the Bucks, despite a couple of extremely lean years. It appears the Bucks feel the same way; the two sides got this extension deal done on the first day after the NBA's "moratorium period."

Bogut certainly has not been without his critics during his tenure in the NBA, but I think this is a smart move by the Hammond Brain Trust. Looking toward the horizon, the thunder from down under is only going to get louder.