Monday, January 5, 2009

Bucks Split Back-to-Back with Charlotte

It's a classic in the NBA; beat a team on your home court and loose to the same team on theirs roughly 23 hours later. That is exactly how the weekend played out for the Bucks and Bobcats. Normally, you would take that. Especially since it seems that lately these two teams play each other more than the Yankees and the Red Sox.

But I'm guessing the Bucks don't feel all warm and fuzzy. They were beat soundly by a good, but not great, Charlotte team.

The Bucks start a little run tonight against sub-500 teams. They know how that feels, being a sub-500 team themselves. This is a critical stretch; come out of this strong, come out on the other side of 500 and people may start to believe. People may start showing up in real numbers; Bucks tickets may start moving out of the window at the Bradley Center.

But if they don't take care of business, they stand a chance of limping to the end of the season in the company of the NBA underbelly yet again.

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