Tuesday, June 2, 2009

NBA Finals

This summer, the Bucks will be in the same place they've been for the NBA Finals every year since Nixon was still kicking over dirty martinis in the Oval Office - on the couch. Even though they didn't even make the playoffs, this basketball fan takes a small amount of satisfaction in this years match-up; David "The Man Behind The Curtain" Stern will have to wait at least another year for his James vs Bryant bonanza.

I would put Lebron James on my squad over Kobe hands down. And I admit, it would have been exciting watching these two superstars go at it - I would have walked to the fridge during high priced commercials along with the rest of America - but there's just something Magic about a team in the Finals that isn't "suppose" to be there. That's what I root for.

Maybe you'll get your LeBron v Kode next year Sterny - Lakers/Knicks in '10.

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