Friday, January 30, 2009

Bucks Win Big In Canada Eh

It has not been a great week for the Milwaukee basketball. Exactly a week ago the Bucks lost by 30 to the Hawks. The following night they won in a nail biter at home against the lowly Kings, but that became a bittersweet victory when Michael Redd landed funny and blew out his left knee. I guess now your Bucks tickets are going to include a Michael Redd fashion show; he'll haul all his best suits out of the closet so he looks sharp on the end of the bench for the second half of the season. Since they haven't won since Redd went down, it could be a long couple of months.

But just when you think you have this team pegged for doormats, they surprise you like they did tonight. The Bucks went into Toronto and got the job done. Led by Charlie V, who dropped in 26 and grabbed 13 boards, the Bucks simply outplayed Jermaine O'Neal and the Raptors. This is a big road win for the Bucks. Another bright spot; Bogut returned coming off the bench. He played 16 minutes, went 6-9 for 13 points and knocked down 8 rebounds. If this team is going to fulfill their backdoor playoff destiny, they're going to need him to be healthy.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Bogut is Back After Back Problem, But the Wolves Still Rally

What is going on with the Minnesota Timberwolves? If you check this link, some insightful Minnesota blogger has pointed out that the T'Wolves have yet to loose a game this year. Normally, I would think this is good news, or at the very least news that isn't bad. The problem is last night's victory came against the Bucks.

The Timberwolves overcame a late third quarter 13 point problem to squeak out with a win. Andrew Bogut returned after missing four games with back spasms but it wasn't enough. The Wolves are hot; they shot over 59% from downtown, they've won 7 out of 10....

Maybe Kevin McHale should have taken the reigns two years ago.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Bucks Split Back-to-Back with Charlotte

It's a classic in the NBA; beat a team on your home court and loose to the same team on theirs roughly 23 hours later. That is exactly how the weekend played out for the Bucks and Bobcats. Normally, you would take that. Especially since it seems that lately these two teams play each other more than the Yankees and the Red Sox.

But I'm guessing the Bucks don't feel all warm and fuzzy. They were beat soundly by a good, but not great, Charlotte team.

The Bucks start a little run tonight against sub-500 teams. They know how that feels, being a sub-500 team themselves. This is a critical stretch; come out of this strong, come out on the other side of 500 and people may start to believe. People may start showing up in real numbers; Bucks tickets may start moving out of the window at the Bradley Center.

But if they don't take care of business, they stand a chance of limping to the end of the season in the company of the NBA underbelly yet again.