Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Milwaukee Buck John Salmons Hits Key Three-Pointer

In his first game, Milwaukee Buck John Salmons forgot the plays that he learned as soon as he got off the bench. He was tutored during the game, as his tea mates were happy to help him through his first night. He had 33 minutes of playing time, but sinking the three-pointer with 16 seconds to play was the highlight of the game.

That same night, Brandon Jennings was cold. He was 1 of 13 for the night. Andrew Bogot was struggling as well. What both those men did on the other side of the ball made up for their lack of offensive production. Bogot had a dozen rebounds, and five blocks, while Jennings had a last minute steal that put the game out of reach for Detroit.

The next night, Brandon Jennings got hot. Salmons scored 19, and so did Jennings. The Bobcats were down by as much as twenty, as our Milwaukee Bucks moved into the eight playoff position. Charlotte came close near the end, but didn't get over the hump. Final score Bucks 93 Bobcats 88.

Last night, Bogut grabbed the spotlight as he had his second double-double of the season. The Knicks couldn't get anything going in the second half. They scored only 26 points in the last thirty minutes. They remain the eighth seed in the upcoming playoffs. It will take a miracle to keep the team in playoff standings, but three wins in a row is a fine start.

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