Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Milwaukee Bucks VS New Jersey Nets | Bucks Hot Streak

The Milwaukee Bucks have one 6 of their last ten games, and I call that a hot streak. Ok, our team is 17 games behind the central division leaders, but we're not completely out of it yet. Cleveland is hot, winning ten straight. They are the best team in the NBA right now, and they happen to be in our division. Let's just focus on the positive for our Milwaukee Bucks.

For the month of February, then won at Miami and New York, then came home to the Bradley Center and defeated the Pacers. Yes, they lost to the lowly Pistons last night. I like the way that they are playing, and as long as they keep chipping away at their overall record, there is still a shot that they make the playoffs.

The NBA All Star weekend is almost upon us, and Brandon Jennings should make the highlight reel. Speaking of, I lost my Brandon Jennings bobblehead on the way out of the Bradley Center on Monday night. If anyone spots it, give me a shout. I paid good money for the Bucks tickets to go to that game, and now I'm short one bobblehead.

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