Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bucks VS Celtics | Playoffs Almost A Reality

The Bucks face the Celtics in two of their last three regular season games. Will we see the Milwaukee Bucks in the playoffs? I think so. The Bucks have a comfortable cushion over the Bulls, and are holding steady against Miami. Yes, they lost two games at home, but bounced back nicely against the Grizzlies. It helps to see that the struggling Clippers are in town tonight.

John Salmons is like the last spice in the salad dressing. It's tasting pretty good right now, and the Bucks know it. He's leading the Bucks in scoring and getting major time on the court. The pressure is off Jennings. I'll admit that I was a bit skeptical when the Bucks picked up Salmons. Looking at his points per game while a Bull, and his time on the court at the United Center, I have to say this isn't just a guy who has brought up his scoring average just because he is on the court for an extra four minutes per night.

This season could go down to the wire. Milwaukee has four more home games, and five on the road. Twice they face Boston, and they have one game against the high flying Hawks. Atlanta has locked in their playoff spot, but that doesn't mean they wouldn't love to spoil our playoff party by putting us out of the running. The last three games are Bucks vs Celtics at the Bradley Center, Milwaukee vs Atlanta, and then one more Celtics match up on the road. Lose those three, and a few other games this week, and you never know what may happen.

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