Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Improvements Scheduled to Milwaukee Bucks' Home Court, the Bradley Center

Bradley Center Milwaukee
While the Milwaukee Bucks prepare for The Year of the Deer, their home court, the Bradley Center, will undergo maintenance and repair work. The State Building Commission has given the Bradley Center $5 million to improve suites, add seating, and replace safety rinks around the hockey rink.

When erected in 1988, the Bradley Center was a state-of-the-art facility. Now, it is one of the oldest arenas in the country. Now that the Milwaukee Bucks have had a winning season and have put themselves back on the map, should more improvements be made to the Bradley Center? A complete renovation? New scoreboard? New arena?! If major changes were made to the Bradley Center, should state money be used to fund these improvements? Wisconsin State Sen. Ted Kanavas doesn't seem to think so. He believes a long term plan should be put in place before state funds are allocated to the Bradley Center What do you think? Would a new arena cause an increase in the price of Bradley Center tickets?

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