Monday, June 21, 2010

Milwaukee Bucks 2010 NBA Draft Preview

This Thursday, June 24th, the Milwaukee Bucks will partake in the 2010 NBA draft. In anticipation of the upcoming draft, the Milwaukee Bucks have been holding pre-draft workouts at their training facility for potential players. With a 15th pick, the Milwaukee Bucks are looking to score big in the NBA draft. However, it has been difficult to determine who might still be available by the 15th pick. The Milwaukee Bucks need a shooting guard and forward and hopefully these needs can be addressed with their first round pick.

There are several players in which the Milwaukee Bucks have expressed and they have been across the board in terms of when they are expected to be picked in the draft. Most recently, Kansas guard Xavier Henry has worked out with the Milwaukee Bucks and had an impressive showing. Henry could still be around by the 15th pick and he might just be what the Milwaukee Bucks are looking forever. Other prospects include Cincinnati forward Lance Stephenson and Marshall center Hassan Whiteside.

In addition to the 15th round pick, the Milwaukee Bucks have two second round draft picks. Whatever happens, I hope that the Milwaukee Bucks can score big during the 2010 NBA Draft. I really hope their 15th pick brings in another Brandon Jennings instead of a Joe Alexander. Hopefully, the draft will allow the Milwaukee Bucks to top off their already strong roster and create a team that will make another serious play off run. Fear the deer!

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