Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Milwaukee Bucks 2010-2011 Schedule Released

Ticket King Milwaukee Bucks 2010-2011 season
Yesterday, the Milwaukee Bucks 2010-2011 schedule was released to the public! Hooray! That means we are one step closer to the Milwaukee Bucks 2010-2011 season. I cannot wait to get my hands on a few Milwaukee Bucks tickets so that I can cheer our team to another playoff run! I feel like all the elements are in place for the Milwaukee Bucks to be serious contenders for the NBA championship. Yeah, that's right!

What is in store for the Milwaukee Bucks this 2010-2011 season? The Milwaukee Bucks begin by hosting the Charlotte Bobcats at the Bradley Center on October 30th. Maybe I will catch a glimpse of Michael Jordan again at the Bradley Center. Another hot topic among basketball fans is, when will the Miami Heat come to the Bradley Center? The Milwaukee Bucks will host the Miami Heat at the Bradley Center on December 6th and January 7th and will travel to Miami on January 4th and April 6th. Road trip?

Another favorite opponent of mine is the Boston Celtics. Some basketball experts are already projecting a Boston Celtics/Milwaukee Bucks play-offs match-up in the first round of this season's playoffs. Count me in! The Boston Celtics will play the Milwaukee Bucks in Milwaukee just one time this season, while Milwaukee will play in Boston several times. I would love to see the Milwaukee Bucks play the Boston Celtics at the Garden in Boston. Perhaps I will indulge in some Milwaukee Bucks tickets for an away game. Fear the deer!

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