Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Will Milwaukee Bucks Center Andrew Bogut Sit Out the First Month of the Season?

Milwaukee Bucks Center Andrew Bogut has been rehabilitating his elbow and hand after his horrific injury during last year's regular season. However, the question remains, will the Milwaukee Bucks Center make it on time for the Milwaukee Bucks 2010-2011 regular season?

Milwaukee Bucks Center Andrew Bogut had two surgeries; one for his hand and one for his elbow. Due to fluid backup in the elbow, Bogut's recovery has been a little slower than anticipated. Bogut has been working out diligently and is definitely in shape; he just doesn't have complete range of motion in his elbow. He can dribble and use his hand, but he wants to make sure that he is 100 percent for the beginning of the season. His goal is to make it to training camp, but because the NBA season lasts for a long time, Bogut does not want to start the season without feeling 100%. I really hope our beloved Andrew Bogut can start the season on time, but he should not overdo it if he is not ready to play. Here's to a speedy recovery!

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