Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Milwaukee Bucks Begin their 2010-2011 Season vs. Chicago Bulls

Tonight, the Milwaukee Bucks begin their 2010-2011 with a preseason game against the Chicago Bulls at the Bradley Center. According to Coach Skiles, the Milwaukee Bucks have been doing a great job at training camp. In fact, he was so impressed with their skills that he gave them the day off on Sunday. Already, the team looks like a bunch of veterans instead of a group of beginners. This is a great sign. Although it is still just the preseason, I think a lot of fans will be looking to see what the Milwaukee Bucks can do. Center Andrew Bogut will not be playing in tonight's game, but that is not a big deal. We already know how the Milwaukee Bucks can play in his absence; we saw that last season during the playoffs. Whatever happens in tonight's game, I think we will be seeing an incredible from the Milwaukee Bucks. Go Bucks!

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Wisconsin Music Man said...

Something tells me that this is going to be the year that the bucks get past the second round of the playoffs. I don't care if Redd blows out his knee, or ankle, or whatever. The team can perform without him.