Thursday, November 11, 2010

Milwaukee Bucks Defeat Atlanta Hawks, 108-91

Milwaukee Bucks Defeat Atlanta Hawks
Last night, the Milwaukee Bucks defeated the Atlanta Hawks, 108-91. This marks the Atlanta Hawks' third straight loss in a row. Last meeting was in last years playoffs when the Bucks' were eliminated. Corey Maggette lead the Bucks' scoring with 20 points. Last night's win in Atlanta makes the Milwaukee Bucks overall record 4-5. The Milwaukee Bucks were off to a slow start this season, but after defeating Atlanta and the New York Knicks before that, it looks like the Milwaukee Bucks are back in business. This is the Milwaukee Bucks team that we've been waiting for! This Saturday, the Milwaukee Bucks play the Golden State Warriors at the Bradley Center. On Monday, the Milwaukee Bucks host the LA Lakers at the Bradley Center.

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