Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Milwaukee Bucks' Michael Redd Plans February 2011

The Milwaukee Bucks' Michael Redd says he plans to return to the team by February 2011. Michael Redd has been benched since January 2009 when he suffered a torn ACL and MCL. Redd believes that he will be able to make a serious comeback and will be a major contributor to the Milwaukee Bucks. Other analysts believe that Redd has already had his glory days and that he should move on from the Milwaukee Bucks. I guess there is only one way to find out the fate of Michael Redd. What do you think?

Monday, October 18, 2010

Milwaukee Center Andrew Bogut Makes Preseason Debut

Milwaukee Center Andrew Bogut Makes Preseason Debut
Milwaukee Bucks Center Andrew Bogut made his preseason debut on Sunday against the Minnesota Timberwolves. Sunday's game marked the first time Andrew Bogut has played since his injury in April. Bogut was scheduled to play during Saturday's preseason game, however, he suffered a migraine that kept him on the sidelines. In Sunday's game, Andrew Bogut played for 14 minutes and the Milwaukee Bucks lost 114-109. Bogut said he felt a little rusty in the game, but Coach Scott Skiles said that Bogut looked good on the court. Depending on how things go in the next few games, Andrew Bogut could see more substantial playing time in the opening games of the season. Here's hoping he stays healthy for the remainder of the season!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Will Milwaukee Bucks Center Andrew Bogut Ever Be 100% After Injury?

Milwaukee Bucks Center Andrew Bogut
The question on every Bucks' fan's mind: "Will Milwaukee Bucks center Andrew Bogut ever be 100% after last season's elbow and hand injury?" After spending the summer rehabilitating his injuries, Bogut sat out of the Milwaukee Bucks' first three preseason games. Bogut himself has said that he realizes that a full recovery will take awhile and he might not feel a 100% for a long time. He said that he does not have full mobility in his hand and elbow, but he can adjust. That means that during the upcoming Milwaukee Bucks 2010-2011 season, Andrew Bogut might have to play through the pain. He most likely won't be 100% at all this season which also means he will have to pay special attention to his pain levels. I don't believe, though, that Bogut's limitations will have a negative impact on the rest of the team. The Milwaukee Bucks played at a high level at the end of last season and this season they will build on that success.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Milwaukee Bucks Begin their 2010-2011 Season vs. Chicago Bulls

Tonight, the Milwaukee Bucks begin their 2010-2011 with a preseason game against the Chicago Bulls at the Bradley Center. According to Coach Skiles, the Milwaukee Bucks have been doing a great job at training camp. In fact, he was so impressed with their skills that he gave them the day off on Sunday. Already, the team looks like a bunch of veterans instead of a group of beginners. This is a great sign. Although it is still just the preseason, I think a lot of fans will be looking to see what the Milwaukee Bucks can do. Center Andrew Bogut will not be playing in tonight's game, but that is not a big deal. We already know how the Milwaukee Bucks can play in his absence; we saw that last season during the playoffs. Whatever happens in tonight's game, I think we will be seeing an incredible from the Milwaukee Bucks. Go Bucks!