Friday, January 21, 2011

Cavaliers and Bucks Face Off Tonight | One Team Will Win

I felt bad for the Bucks until I noticed that the Cavaliers have not won a game in 32 days. The Cavs sit a 8-32, while Milwaukee is now 15-24. The Bucks beat the Wizards, as Corey Maggette is shooting pretty well right now. Don't count the Cavs out for tonight. Bogut is sick, John Salmons his a hip injury, and that could force the Bucks to play bench warmers all night long.

Carlos Delfino Might Suit Up

A bright spot is the recovery of Carlos Delfino. He's almost ready to suit up, and may be on the bench for the game tonight. After his second head injury of the season, I really didn't follow his recovery progress. To read about what he has gone through is sad. Delfino couldn't read, or work on a computer. He spent days lying in the dark, not knowing the day or time. After a serious injury like that, it's best to take as much time as you need to recover.

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