Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Bench Milwaukee Bucks Center Andrew Bogut For The Rest of Season

Bench Milwaukee Bucks Center Andrew Bogut
Milwaukee Bucks center Andrew Bogut has suffered yet another injury this season which will bench him again for a little bit. This time, Bogut injured his ribcage. Earlier in the season, Bogut had a few migraines that kept him on the bench and some other ailments that I can't remember. Don't get me wrong, Bogut is a very talented player, it's just too bad that he is so injury prone. However, I still don't think Andrew Bogut is 100% after last season's horrific elbow injury. I say bench Milwaukee Bucks center Andrew Bogut for the rest of the season and let him heal from all of his ailments so that he can come back even better next season.

This 2010-2011 Milwaukee Bucks season has been disappointing to say the least. After last season's exciting play-offs run, this was not the kind of season I was expecting from the Milwaukee Bucks. It's tough to be a Milwaukee Bucks fan this season. Between the injuries and the losses, it's been difficult. I also think the Milwaukee Bucks need some leadership from its players. The Green Bay Packers always talked about how Charles Woodson was their spiritual leader in the locker room and Aaron Rodgers was a leader by his example on the field. The Milwaukee Bucks could use a spiritual leader in their locker room. It seems as though the injuries and setbacks have been taking a toll on the Bucks. The Packers were able to win a Super Bowl championship despite their injuries and setbacks. The Milwaukee Bucks should be no different.

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