Monday, March 28, 2011

The Future of the Bradley Center, Home of the Milwaukee Bucks

Future of the Bradley Center
In 1988, the Bradley Center was a state-of-the-art basketball arena, ahead of its time. Now, the ailing Bradley Center is in need of renovations. As always, renovations come at a price and stakeholders cannot agree on who will pay for Bradley Center renovations. One way to finance Bradley Center renovations would be to raise ticket prices for season ticket holders. However, since season ticket holders have already renewed their subscriptions for next season, it's too late to raise prices for next year. Another way to get money for Bradley Center improvements would be to changing the naming rights, however that will never happen as Jane Pettit, who built the arena in her father's name, will not agree. Taxpayer bonds had been brought up years ago, by then County Executive Scott Walker, but now Walker whistles a different tune. In light of the budget mess, Walker has said taxpayer bonds should not be the way to pay for Bradley Center renovations. What about Senator Herb Kohl? He owns the Milwaukee Bucks and has quite a nice fortune. Kohl helped Wisconsin finance their basketball and hockey arena (Kohl Center), so why not help out the Milwaukee Bucks? Kohl hasn't said anything about footing the bill for the Bradley Center improvements. Whatever is decided, the fact of the matter is the Bradley Center needs to be renovated sooner rather than later.

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