Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Brandon Jennings Trade Rumors

Brandon Jennings Trade Rumors
The basketball world is abuzz with Brandon Jennings trade rumors. A month away from the NBA Draft, the word on the street is that the Milwaukee Bucks say they are open to trading point guard Brandon Jennings. Trade Brandon Jennings?! This isn't the best idea for the Milwaukee Bucks because it's unlikely the Bucks could acquire a player better than Jennings. Jennings still hasn't reached his full potential as a professional basketball player and still has room to grow. The Bucks should look to improve their shooters and develop Jennings in to a player that can make the shots he needs to make. At the end of the season, Jennings made some negative comments about the Bucks and Bucks leadership, but I don't think his words would result in him being traded. Jennings just needs to mature a little more as a player. What do you think? Will the Milwaukee Bucks trade Brandon Jennings?


nectarsis said...

What were these negative comments about the Bucks, and management?

I personally would like to see Jennings remain, and mature with the team. The Bucks DESPERATELY need to find a rhythm/cohesion as a team.

Hugh Jass said...

After the Bucks lost to the Pacers at the end of the season, Jennings shared his frustrations with reporters. He said that some of his teammates didn't have a winning attitude and he felt that players were traded that shouldn't have been traded.

I completely agree that Jennings needs to stay and mature with the team so that they can form a more cohesive unit. The Bucks lack an emotional leader.