Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Milwaukee Bucks Draft Prospect Dislocates Shoulder

The Milwaukee Bucks draft prospect Alec Burks dislocated his shoulder during while working out with Milwaukee Bucks. This probably won't hurt his draft chances that much because he will most be picked early on in the first round of the NBA draft. His injury stopped him from going to work out with the Charlotte Bobcats, who have the 9th draft pick. The Milwaukee Bucks have the 10th pick so there is still a good chance that they could get Alec Burks. However, if the Bobcats have their heart set on Burks, a little shoulder injury won't have much impact on their pick. Burks is a sophomore shooting guard from Colorado. He didn't announce his plans to enter the NBA until the last moment. He would be a great fit for the Milwaukee Bucks because they are in need of another shooter.

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