Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Bucks Season Starts Tonight at Bradley Center

Bucks 2011-12 season
It's been a while since I have posted about our Milwaukee Bucks. The lockout took a lot out me. A quarter of the NBA season is lost, and still our Bucks start tonight at the Bradley Center. There were a few games played over the holiday weekend, one that included a last second shot that put the Bulls ahead for their first win. Tonight, we will see how rusty or ready Bogut, Jennings, and their supporting cast are. Every team is in the same position, hoping to come back to form in short order.

Bucks Host Timberwolves Tonight
The Timberwolves come for one game, then head for home. Washington will play on Friday here in Milwaukee. Bucks tickets for that game are still pretty reasonable. It's going to be a while before fans come back. You might as well take advantage of that.

Bogut Plays Well Against Charlotte
Andrew Bogut made up for his terrible performance last week, putting up 17 points and pulling down nine rebounds in their loss to Charlotte. Milwaukee was on top for most of the game, but came apart late, losing by one, 96-95. He played for just under 38 minutes, and almost put the game away for Milwaukee, with a score late. Charlotte took advantage of a late foul and sank both shots. We're hoping that Bogut will continue this effort as the games all count now.

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