Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Brandon Jennings Trade Rumors

Brandon Jennings Trade Rumors
The basketball world is abuzz with Brandon Jennings trade rumors. A month away from the NBA Draft, the word on the street is that the Milwaukee Bucks say they are open to trading point guard Brandon Jennings. Trade Brandon Jennings?! This isn't the best idea for the Milwaukee Bucks because it's unlikely the Bucks could acquire a player better than Jennings. Jennings still hasn't reached his full potential as a professional basketball player and still has room to grow. The Bucks should look to improve their shooters and develop Jennings in to a player that can make the shots he needs to make. At the end of the season, Jennings made some negative comments about the Bucks and Bucks leadership, but I don't think his words would result in him being traded. Jennings just needs to mature a little more as a player. What do you think? Will the Milwaukee Bucks trade Brandon Jennings?

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Brandon Jennings Promotes NBA in India

Brandon Jennings Promtoes NBA in India
Brandon Jennings is traveling to India to promote the NBA this upcoming week. Jennings, who started his professional career playing in Italy, will travel in India for clinics and a skills challenge. Basketball is one of the fastest growing sports in India and the NBA (and WNBA) is looking to develop future talent. Jennings seemed like a likely candidate since he is a young player and has played professional basketball internationally. I like seeing Brandon Jennings taking a leadership role by representing NBA in a foreign country. It's things like this that make me believe that Jennings has what it takes to step it up as a leader for the Milwaukee Bucks next season.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Brandon Jennings Should Step Up as Team Leader

Milwaukee Bucks Point Guard Brandon Jennings
The Milwaukee Bucks did not do a great job of playing as a cohesive unit this past season. It was evident in their losing record, which came as a major disappointment after last season's winning record and playoffs run. The Bucks lack a team leader and someone on the team needs to step up. That someone should be Milwaukee Bucks point guard Brandon Jennings. Jennings should step up as team leader of the Milwaukee Bucks. Just because Brandon Jennings has the ball a lot doesn't necessarily make him a leader, but I think he needs to be molded into the team's leader. As a young, talented player, he is the future of the Milwaukee Bucks franchise. Jennings has natural basketball skills, he needs to have the attitude of a team leader. It seems like players are waiting for one of their fellow teammates to step it up. Brandon Jennings should take some initiative and become the team's motivator.