Thursday, March 1, 2012

Bucks Barely Beat Wizards, Fall to Boston

Milwaukee Bucks ticketsI feel like I’m writing the same blog posts over and over again. The Milwaukee Bucks start off their games strong, usually leading at the half, but then peter out by the end of the game. The Bucks barely beat the not-so strong Washington Wizards the other evening at the Bradley Center. Thanks to Ilyasova’s tip-in in the last seconds, the Bucks came out on top. These are games that the Bucks should be winning, especially since the game was played at the Bradley Center. Last night, the Bucks fell to the Boston Celtics, whom they were leading at the half. Then in the third quarter, Boston pulled ahead and never looked back.

The Milwaukee Bucks are very inconsistent. That’s probably an understatement. It seems like some players either have record breaking games, or they barely play at all. This inconsistency is what's hurting the Bucks. I've said this before that they have the talent, but the talent is inconsistnent. I'm not sure how this can be fixed, but it needs to be.

Up next, the Bucks will play two more games on the road before playing a 3 game home series that includes the 76ers, the Bulls, and the Knicks. I'm interested to see what will happens when Linsanity comes to the Bradley Center on March 9th.

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