Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Milwaukee Bucks Trade Andrew Bogut and Stephen Jackson

Last week, the Milwaukee Bucks were at a make-it-or-break point of their season. Now, the Bucks have won four games in a row and have acquired two new players. That's right, the Milwaukee Bucks traded Andrew Bogut and Stephen Jackson for Monta Ellis and Ekpe Odoh. It's kind of hard to imagine a Bucks roster without Bogut, but at the same time, the Bucks have been without him for awhile thanks to injury.

The Bucks are hoping that the new players will help the team continue their winning streak and reach the playoffs. In addition, these new players are an investment in the Bucks' future as Monta Ellis and Ekpe Udoh are only 26 and 24 respectively. The players seem eager to help the Bucks win and make it to the playoffs and I hope they are successful. I'm excited that the Bucks' have a chance to make it to the playoffs, but I'm sad to see Bogut go. Sure, he spent most of this season on the bench and had unlucky bouts with injuries, but he truly was a talented player and I can't help but wonder "what might have been" had he been able to stay healthy.

Both Ellis and Odoh come from the Golden State Warriors. Interestingly enough, the Bucks play the Warriors on Friday. Ellis and Odoh won't make their debut with the Milwaukee Bucks until the following Thursday against the Boston Celtics. Go Bucks!

On a side note, what will happen to Sqaud Six? With Bogut gone, the whole name sort of loses its meaning. Maybe they can become Squad Three (for Jennings)? Bogut was the heart and soul of Squad Six so maybe the cheering squad will disband. I hope not!

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