Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Great Bradley Center Debate: Milwaukee Bucks Deserve a New Arena

It's that time of year again. The time of year when The Great Bradley Center Debate begins. This year's Bradley Center debate has been sparked by chatter in Seattle. They're shopping around for a new basketball team and think the Milwaukee Bucks might be a good fit for Seattle. While Herb Kohl vowed not to sell the team to an owner that would move the Bucks out of Milwaukee, that might not be an option if the Milwaukee Bucks do not get an updated facility. In short, if the Milwaukee Bucks don't get a better facility soon, there won't be professional basketball in Milwaukee anymore. It's time to talk seriously about getting the Milwaukee Bucks a better basketball arena. The Milwaukee Bucks deserve one.

Of course, many Milwaukeeans believe that Milwaukee should spend its money on other things besides a new basketball arena. However, think about all the revenue an updated facility could bring to the area. A new basketball arena for the Milwaukee Bucks would come with new restaurants and stores. In addition, the arena could house more club options and advertising opportunities which in turn brings money. In the past, there was talk about developing the neighborhood around the Bradley Center along with building a new arena and I still think that should idea enter into this discussion as well.

For some people, it's hard to think about spending money on a team that hasn't won a national championship since the 1970s. However, with the Milwaukee Bucks on the edge of making the Eastern Confernence playoffs, I think it's high time we start thinking about the future of the Bucks. A new facility would attract better players and give the current squad a boost of confidence, which would in turn contribute to better standings.

The bottom line is that if the Bradley Center is left as is, the Milwaukee Bucks will most likely head out of town. That will leave the Bradley Center without 41 games, meaning they would have to find new tenants to fill the void. Remember this year's NBA lockout? That left the Bradley Center in quite a quandary. Investing in a new basketball facility for the Milwaukee Bucks today will bring great economic returns for the Milwaukee of tomorrow.

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