Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Milwaukee Bucks Fail to Make Playoffs

Despite a win over Toronto, the Milwaukee Bucks have failed to make the playoffs. For a moment there, it seemed as though the Milwaukee Bucks were going to make it into the playoffs. However, as is often the case with the Bucks, they could not seal the deal. Since the Milwaukee Bucks have failed to make the playoffs again, questions have been raised about the future of the franchise in Milwaukee, the fate of the Bradley Center, and leadership changes. Changes need to be made within the Bucks franchise, or I think we will see the Milwaukee Bucks leave Milwaukee. What do you think? Should Bucks GM John Hammond and coach Scott Skiles be sent packing? Should we just accept the fact that Milwaukee is not a basketball town or should we embrace our hometown team and give them a new arena? I'd hate to see the demise of the Milwaukee Bucks. I still think they have a lot of elements in place for success. There are a lot of talented players on the Bucks squad. This will be an important offseason for the team as the team will need to do some serious soul-searching.

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