Friday, April 6, 2012

Milwaukee Bucks Playoff Quest Comes Down to the New York Knicks

In the quest for the eighth playoffs spot in the Eastern Conference, the Milwaukee Bucks are just 1.5 games behind the New York Knicks. Tonight, the Bucks face the worst team in the NBA, the Charlotte Bobcats. After tonight, the Bucks have 3 more home games before taking to the road. The final home game in this homestand will be against the New York Knicks. Certainly, Wednesday's Bucks vs. Knicks game will be high stakes as both teams want to nab that eighth playoffs spot. The Bucks will also face the Portland Trail Blazers and Oklahoma City Thunder during this homestand. Between now and the Bucks vs. Knicks game at the Bradley Center, the New York Knicks will face the top ranked Chicago Bulls twice. I like to think the Bucks can win their next three home games. I'm not sure the Knicks can hold off the Bulls. Thus, the Bucks could enter Wednesday's game ahead of the Knicks, if they simply win! I think the Milwaukee Bucks can nab this playoffs spot.

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