Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Milwaukee Bucks Coach Scott Skiles To Return Next Bucks Season

Amid speculation that personnel changes would be made if the Milwaukee Bucks did not make this year's  playoffs, it was announced that Scott Skiles will return as head coach of the Bucks. The 2012-2013 Bucks season marks Skiles fifth season as the team's head coach. The Bucks have failed to make the playoffs for five of the last six seasons, but Skiles believes he can still get his team to the playoffs. The Bucks' summer training will be key to their success next season. Summer training will allow Monta Ellis to mesh better with the team. Obviously, making the playoffs is the Milwaukee Bucks' number one priority for next season and they might have a better chance of doing so with a full season.

Next Bucks season will clearly be a pivotal one for Scott Skiles and his fate as head coach of the Milwaukee Bucks. Skiles had signed a four-year deal with the Bucks in 2008 and received a one-year contract extension in October of 2010. If the Milwaukee Bucks do not make the playoffs next season, I do not see Skiles staying with the team. I hope the Bucks can work out the kinks in the offseason. They've played well against teams who were below .500, but they proved to be inconsistent against higher-caliber teams. As I've said many times before, I think the Bucks have many elements in place that could make them successful. I hope we see the Milwaukee Bucks in next year's playoffs.

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