Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Bucks Draft Prospects for 2012

Bucks draft picks
Fans have gotten used to not familiarizing themselves with the Bucks recent draft picks. For the past three years, the Milwaukee organization has quickly traded their first-round picks for what general manager John Hammond called “undeniably-sweet offers”. However, most of those offers turned out to be duds, which seems to have made an impact on the team's trading decisions for this year's draft, which begins on Thursday.

For a prime example of one of the Bucks most faulty trade deals you need not look far. Just last summer the team traded a solid number ten pick candidate for a three-team deal, in which they came out with veterans Shaun Livingston and Steven Jackson. By the middle of the 2011 season, however, it was obvious that the pair were not worth their weight, Livingston's production being lackluster, and Jackson burning bridge after bridge with players and coaches alike, eventually being traded along with Andrew Bogut to Golden State.

Regardless of if last season's debacle had any impact on the team's decisions this year is inconsequential. What does matter is that Hammond has remained adamant that this season's number twelve pick would remain in Milwaukee for a significant amount of time, seeming to indicate that the team's multi-year trade extravaganza is coming to an end. With the bazaar shutting its doors, the Bucks will likely now focus their efforts on developing their younger roster, such as Jon Leuer and Brandon Jennings, into highly-productive position players. They will also begin drip-drying the talent out of their older veterans, some of which, Epke Udoh especially, have at least a few years of playing time left.

As the grassroots jigsaw puzzle begins to take shape, there is just one piece still unaccounted for. After losing Bogut in the March trade deal, the Bucks are looking to fill out some size in the center with their twelfth pick. So far this off-season, the team has had a plethora of talented big guys work out for them at the Cousins Center. Most experts have narrowed the logical field down to five candidates; North Carolina's Tyler Zeller and John Henson, Illinois Meyers Leonard, Washington's Terrence Ross, and Connecticut's Jeremy Lam.

Hammond, on-the-other-hand, does not want to rule out any possibility that the team decides to pick up a player who hasn't worked out for them yet this year. That adds an infinite number of floating talent that could potentially still be around at the number twelve spot, but the most promising seems to be Syracuse's Dion Waiters or Lam's former teammate, Andre Drummond.

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