Monday, June 4, 2012

Goodbye Ersan Ilyasova?

The Brookyln Nets are interested in Milwaukee Bucks forward Ersan Ilyasova. Apparently the Nets began showing interest in Ilyasova at the end of last season. They are preparing to offer him $8 million a season. During the NBA lockout, Ilyasova played in Europe and it seems like that could also be another option for him next season. The money's good and Ilyasova would be a star. With these options on the table, does this mean the end of Ersan Ilyasova as a Milwaukee Buck?

If Ilyasova does in fact leave the Milwaukee Bucks, what would that mean for the team? Ilyasova was a key player last season especially with his rebounds. The Milwaukee Bucks would need a solid player to replace him, but who? Can the Milwaukee Bucks handle the loss of another star player?

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