Thursday, July 5, 2012

Bucks Still Hope to Have Ilyasova on Roster in 2012

Ersan Ilyasova
The Bucks made the first move in what is sure to become a chess-like battle of negotiation between themselves, other teams, and the veteran forward Ersan Ilyasova. Ilyasova recently became eligible as a free agent, and due to this year's lackluster free agent pool, the twenty-five year old has become a coveted star.
The Nets and Cavailers are also considering offering Ilyasova a deal within the week, according to multiple news sources. Though, both of those teams would have to exceed the Bucks five-year $40 million offer. That scenario is not likely, however, as Milwaukee is the only team allowed to offer a five year deal to their former player; every other team in the league would be limited to just a four year contract. And as lacking as the talent is in this off-season's free agent class, there are still more lucrative options to be had for teams who would rather not raise Milwaukee's offer while losing a year of rights to Ilyasova. 
The Bucks initial move is right in line with what most experts expected. Ilyasova had a breakout season in 2011, raising his leverage in this summer's free agent pool at the right moment. Should he agree to the Bucks early offer, he would make eight million a year, making him the third highest paid player on the team's roster.

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