Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Bucks Scoring In Triple Digits Before Losing Three In A Row

Bucks 2012-13
If there was any doubt that the Bucks could sustain an offensive streak as-of-late, it has been abolished. Coming off of a two game continuance of last season's above-average scoring, the Bucks finished off the Hornets on November 17, putting up a whopping 117 points. The win was the third consecutive for the team, and that put them atop the division with a six-and-two record. That game also marked the fourth time this season that the Bucks broke the triple-digit mark, as well as the fourth win with over 100 points.  Since that time, the team has lost three in a row. They got things back together and defeated the Bulls at Chicago on Monday night.

Beyond breaking 100 in half their games (up until 11/19,) not too mention winning each of those, Milwaukee had not scored any less than ninety points in any game in 2012. Losing to just Memphis and Boston, with scores of ninety and ninety-two, respectively, Milwaukee has also kept five of eight opponents from scoring 100 points, including the Celtics, who could only manage ninety-six. Behind the offensive numbers are team leaders Brandon Jennings and Monta Ellis. The pair of guards have combined for 302 points so far this season, including five games with team-high points.

The production in 2011 of the duo had skeptics worried during the off-season, but the early success has head coach Scott Skiles saying I-told-you-so. But, regardless of the coach's confidence, the pair's performance so far is a reason to wipe the sweat from his brow. Mike Dunleavy, Tyler Hansbrough, and Anthony Davis are the other players to achieve team-high points this year. Each has just one, however, and Hansbrough managed the deed with just nineteen points in the team's win against Indiana.

Skiles may have called it a "told-you-so" moment, but lucky moment could be just as justifiable a term. If the Ellis-Jennings connection ever decides to stop service, few players have shown the ability to take up the slack.

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