Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Brandon Jennings Misses NBA All Star Roster

Brandon Jennings NBA All Star Game
Last Thursday saw Bucks point guard Brandon Jennings hopes of making this year's All-Star roster end without fulfillment. Not named as one of the reserves at the position for the February 17 game, Jennings was happy to just have been in the running for the honorable invitation.

His card for an invite may have just been put back in the deck, however, as the fan-voted starter, the Celtics Rajon Rondo, recently fell victim to a season ending injury. A torn ACL on Sunday against Miami was revealed to be serious enough to sideline the veteran point guard for the remainder of the year. Either Kyle Irving of the Cavilers or the Seventy-Sixer's Jrue Holiday will take Rondo's place as starter, leaving an open reserve slot for the taking.

David Stern, the league's commissioner, will decide who gets a second look at traveling to Houston next month, and a favorites list has already been presented. Averaging nearly nineteen points per game, as well as seven rebounds and two blocks, Nets center Brook Lopez is the most qualified applicant to take the vacant bench-seat. Lopez was one of the most controversial exclusions from the initial All-Star roster, and, though he is a center, there is no requirement that Stern choose another guard to fill the spot.

Despite the lack of requirement to replace Rondo with another guard, there is a good amount of pressure on the commissioner to not go outside of the position with his decision. The promotion of either Irving or Holiday to the starting role will leave just a single guard on the bench, and there are a number of qualified players at the position to step-in.

Who Will Take The Reserve Point Guard Spot At All Star Game?

Jennings main competition for the open reserve spot hails out of New York. Beyond Lopez, Deron Williams has been a highlight for Brooklyn in 2013, and the Knicks J.R. Smith has also been impressive. Stern may have financial incentives to go with some East coast talent to fill the void, as both the Knicks and Nets are very popular on the marketability spectrum. Though, all the players being considered have put up similar stats.

Fellow Bucks guard Monta Ellis could also steal the chance away from Jennings, as he is also being considered. Should Jennings and Ellis, or any of the others, miss out on this second opportunity, there is a slim chance that yet a third could come their way. Chicago forward Luol Deng has missed five games with a hamstring injury, and his return date is still not certain. As the Bucks top scorer, Ellis would be the favorite among Milwaukee players to take over that possible reserve spot. 

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